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Contact us today to learn how we are using live data and technology to improve living conditions in developing countries. With iReferNow, we can transform the way healthcare service is delivered and link patients to treatment they need, when they need it.

* Healthcare providers can keep track of their patients.
* Receive and send alerts and notifications to other doctors.
* Ensure patients get the quality care they need.
* Through convenient, real-time tracking and status updates.
* Doctors get feedback and can network immediately with service providers.
* Allows for mentoring of less experienced clinicians.
* Patients get quicker, more accurate treatment.

Health systems everywhere need functional referral processes in order to improve timely access, quality, and patient satisfaction. More effectively linking people to the care they need when they need it could save millions of lives every year. A strong referral process can also help to improve health facility revenue.

Oxford Epi has developed , an app that allows healthcare providers to use their smartphones to coordinate and track the life cycle of healthcare referrals so that children and adults can be connected seamlessly to the right medical workers. Because we have GPS coordinates, patients can be referred to provider nearest to them, or to their choice of providers. iReferNow puts medical providers directly in touch so they can quickly collaborate and streamline communication by phone and improve health outcomes.

With iReferNow, we can transform the way healthcare service is delivered and consistently link patients to the treatment they need when they need. Patients who must travel long distances to the referred clinician can be assured that the clinician is expecting them. We can ensure that referrals go through the entire referral life cycle with full documentation, and Managers can check progress of all referrals made in real time.

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