With Experience in more than 37 Countries, on five continents

Oxford Epidemiology Services Uses The Scientific, Systematic, And Data Driven Principles Of Epidemiology To Save The Lives Of Families And Friends by Containing Outbreaks, Epidemics, and Pandemics. We Leverage Our Scientific Expertise With Proprietary Technological Solutions that uses AI and Machine Learning, Making Our Work More Efficient, and Enables Us To Be A Strong Partner In Addressing Any Crisis.


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About Us

We are scientists who believe that we must do our part through our understanding of assocciations, and effects of diseases, to improve our world for future generations. Our mission is simply to save the lives of friends and families all over the world. Led by Dr Rachel J. Salomonsen, who has 25+ years experience living and working on this missioin with many partners in 50+ countries, we manifest the ethos of dignifying all lives by working to improve health status. We Are Located In The Washington  DC Metropolitan Area, And We Work Globally. Oxford Epi has received the AI Global Business Award in 2019 and 2020 as the  Most Innovative Health Systems Development Organization in the USA. We Are Proud To be A Woman and Minority-Owned Small Business in the USA.

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what we do

For Nearly A Decade, Oxford Epi Has worked To Advance National And International Security, Economic Prosperity, And Resilience By Applying The Scientific, Systematic, Data-Driven Principles Of Epidemiology To Strengthen Capacity Of Health Systems To Contain And Eliminate Diseases In The US and Globally. We Are Passionate About What We Do, And We Are Committed To Using Evidence To Drive Impact. We Work With The Belief, Without Exception, Every Man, Woman And Child Can And Should be thriving.

Whether In The US or Abroad, When We Leverage Local Knowledge, Understanding, And Ways Of Work, We Unlock Access To An Important History That Influences The Current Realitiy. It Is Only By Applying Knowledge of Epidemiology Synergistically With Context-Specific Understanding That We Can Contain Diseases Sucessfully. And Restore Health To Populations. When People Are Healthy, They Can Go To School, They Can Work, And They Can Contribute Positively To Society And Change The Trajectory Of Poverty And Misfortune For Generations.

We Are A Woman And Minority-Owned Small Business, Based In The Washington DC Metropolitan Area, USA.

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our mission

Our Mission Is To Leverage Technology To Minimize Suffering and Death Due to Diseases. This Is Why Striving For Excellence Is Our Fundamental Approach To Work, And Innovations Our Main tools. Whether We Are Conducting Research, Strengthening Health Systems, Or Improving The Quality Of Health Services Delivery, We Create, Innovate, And Remain Focussed On Identifying Opportunities For Lasting Impact.

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We Specialize In Creating Dynamic Learning Systems Online Or Offline Using Technology, And Our Clients Rely on Us To Ensure That Accurate Data Is Available In Real Time To Guide Their Decisions. Through Robust Technical Assistance, Or Rigorous Research And Program Evaluation, We Transform Data Into Actionable Insights In Real Time.

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Contact Tracing

We find those who are exposed and prevent
further spread. using technology

Studies and Assessments

We uncover meaningful associations that can
save lives.

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Program Monitoring

We support projects to keep track of what works what doesn't, why, and what to do about it.

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Training and Capacity Building

Keeping track of what works what doesn't, why, and what can be done about it..

Together, Let's Save Lives In Real Time!

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Symptoms Tracking

We ensure early detection of symptoms and linkage to health services using technology.

Surveys and Real Time Analytics

We Assess performance as it happens, learn from it, and make changes.

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Program Evaluation

A line about the service you've mentioned above.

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Engaging in

We Have Worked In More Than 35 Countries.

Why Choose Us?

When you need a company to go the distance to deliver above average, when your project is complex, when you need innovation, that's when you call Oxford Epi. Our passion is contagious.

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Unwaivering Commitment

As Demonstrated By Our People Through Decades of Effort to Improve Lives Worldwide.

Optimistic Culture

That Promotes High Energy and a Positive Outlook Which Leads to Better Problem-Solving.

Globally Trusted

By Clients for the Right Mix of Experience, Expertise, and Value.

Highly Scalable

Solutions that Perform Well When Used in One Country or 100 Countries.

Countries Served
People's Lives Impacted.

What's Our Clients Say

"Congratulations To You And Your Team For Accomplishing An Outstanding Work Despite The Limited Time And Different Constraints You Encountered With This Activity (Local Recruitment,...). We Recognize The Team's Efforts To Make This Evaluation Happen As Planned. Thank You So Much!"
Private sector Health
I Wanted To Take The Opportunity Before We End The Year To Thank You Not Only For Finalizing And Sharing This Report; But Also For All The Great Work That You And The Country Team Have Done During The Course Of The Year. We Enjoyed And Greatly Appreciated The Workshop We Attended Which Gave Us A Good Overview Of The Work You Are Doing.
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria
Differentiated Care for HIV
“I Just Want To Acknowledge That You've Been Able To Do What Many Others Have Failed In The Past Whiich Is To Engage And Dialogue With The Government In This Country As Thoroughly And Openly As You Have."
“In My Interactions With Oxford Epi, I Found That They Consistently Exceeded Expectations In Interpersonal Skills, Problem-Solving Abilities, And Work Ethic."
“I Remain Impressed Wiith Rachel's Ability to Think Clearly, And Communicate Her Thoughts Well In A Succinct, Straight Forward, Yet Diplomatic Manner."
University Research Co LLC
"You Have Opened Our Eyes Today!"
“USAID Was Very Pleased With Its Experience With Dr Jean-Baptiste [Salomonsen]. Her Professionalism And Work Ethic Were Instrumental In Creatinng A Quality Final Product, Despite Many Challenges Along The Way. She Was A Pleasure To Work With And Any Mission Would Be Honored To Work With Someone Of Her Caliber."
HIV Prevention
The USAID-funded Global Health Program Cycle Improvement Project (GH Pro) had the opportunity to partner with Oxford Epidemiological Services (Oxford Epi) as the lead on several activities,The team at Oxford Epi established and maintained positive working relationships with both USAID/Washington and USAID Mission-based clients, evaluation team members, and other local stakeholders in many different cultural contexts. They showed high quality professional leadership, creative problem-solving, and flexibility and adaptability to modify the design and implementation of evaluation and assessment tools and techniques, as necessary. GH Pro strongly recommends Oxford Epi for future international health development work.
Dexis Consulting Group
“Oxford Epi's Professionalism And Work Ethic Were Instrumental In Creating A Quality Final Product Despite Many Unanticipated Challenges Along The Way"
"Thanks For The Excellent Work. I Believe The Report Will Serve As A Good Basis For Providing TA And Upgrading The Smiling Sun clinics In Our Program."
“We Are Very Happy With The Quality of The Work and The Depth of Information Coming Out of The Work”
Mercy Corps DRC
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How Can We Work With You?

If You Are A Donor, We Can Work Together Directly As Per Your Needs. If You Are An Implementing Partner, We Can Work Together As Part Of Your Team At Proposal Stage, Or As A SubContractor To Complete A Spepcific Piece Of Work On An Existing Project. If You Are A Private Business, We Can Wor With You Directly As Per Your Requirements. Get In Touch With US By Completing The Contact Us Form Below. We Always Respond Within 24 Hours.

If Your Company Needs Innovative Ways To Make An Impact, Then Oxford Epi Should Be Top On Your List.

 Our Technologies Offer Real Time Program Monitoring, And Opportunities For Continuous Learning, And Course Correction Can Be Discovered. We Can Also Supervise Study Implementation Remotely, With Data Collected And Analyzed In Real Time. 

We Work On Projects Related To Contact Tracing, Technical Assistance and Advice, Surveys, Research, Program Monitoring, Program Evaluation And Assessments, And Data Analysis. We Also Work On Program Implementation Especially In The Areas Of Continuous Quality Improvement And Telemedicine.

We Have A Number Of Publications. Please See This Link For Our Recent Learning Review With USAID.  https://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PA00W7TP.pdf