Who We Are


Oxford Epi is a woman and minority-owned small business in international development that focuses on data, and using data to improve the human condition in developing countries.

Oxford Epi specializes in creating dynamic learning systems that maximize existing structures using cutting edge technologies and processes. Whether about policy or daily practice, clients rely on us to ensure that accurate data is available in real time to help them make objective decisions.
Whether through robust technical assistance, or scientifically rigorous research and/or program evaluations, we transform field data into actionable insights to quickly give powerful evidence for the need to change or stay on course.

We believe that improvement of the heatlh system in any country is intricately linked to making decisions based on reliable data, implementing innovative approaches, scaling up what works, and continuously improving.

With experience in over 50 countries, and our staff and associates are ready to strengthen health systems using cutting edge approaches, and make lives better for people in the countries we serve.

Our headquarters is in Mannassis, Virginia, about 15 minutes outside of Washington DC. We are a great choice for partners who need rigorous academic level scientific approaches coupled with expansive international health implementation strategies.


Our people, coming from different sectors, including health, economics, governance, and IT, among others; and varied backgrounds, including in the donor and implementer environment, yet with one goal: to make life better for the poorest by leveraging innovations and technology.

Our products and services, we excel in delivering services that ignite latent talent and maximize the use of local resources for improved efficiency and effectiveness of meeting local needs. We developed a real time data analysis software specifically for the international development environment. It is interoperable with the DHIS and other data sources, including electronic medical records in use by a number of health facilities. In addition, we have other tools that measure gender equity, father’s dreams for their daughters, program sustainability, health status, cost and quality of services, among others. More importantly, it is our ability to create the right tools, at the right time, for the right reason.

Our strategic mix of technical, ground truth understanding, technology and innovative approaches to produce measurable results, including continuous quality improvement, cost efficient and lean approaches, tailored to meet the needs of each client.