Health Systems Strengthening


     In our efforts to strengthen health systems, we focus on improving processes that enable healthcare providers to deliver the right care to the right patient every time.

     Our staff have provided high quality technical assistance directly to governments and ministries of health that focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of existing resources within the country to improve processes for service delivery that enable patients to receive care according to acceptable guidelines, and for healthcare providers to regain professional pride and motivation to do their job well.

     We strengthen health management information systems (HMIS) to guide efforts to improve patient care, foster greater accountability and governance, and to guide innovation as health systems adapt to changing situations.

     We build capacity for advocacy and policy development, policy dissemination, interpretation and implementation processes by facilitating multi-sectorial engagement and dialogue.

     Our efforts are driven by a deep understanding of health systems as a conglomerate of multiple inter-connected processes, and that our role is to mobilize latent talent within the country to strengthen linkages, promote coordination, and leverage understanding of the interconnectedness of the various processes to yield outstanding results and save lives.

     Our staff has supported health systems strengthening activities in Angola, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and Nicaragua.